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DIY/Assembling Glow in the Dark Miniature Beach House

Dollhouses are a great gift for a little girl or boy and they can be very affordable and personable if you go the handmade route.

source/image(PrtSc): Tiny Little Things

Here is something that I assembled and it is inspired by my hope to see bioluminescent beach! I have always loved the stars and to see “stars” in the sea is always intriguing to me.

I used epoxy resin as well as glow-in-the-dark sand to achieve the effect. It is fun to play with and you can try it!I tried to capture as best as I can the glowing parts of the house in the dark. However, they are still a bit out of focus.


This dollhouse makes a great craft project and gift for both children and collectors.It’s easy to finish it following the instruction, just need enough patience.Amazingly detailed design, these 1:24 size of miniature décor accessories are cute yet realistic. Made of wood, paper, fabric, and metal printed in high quality, these details make your dollhouse come to life.