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DIY Best Ever Toy Slam Dunk Double Bubble Mini Gumball Machine

In this video I show you how to make amazing best ever toy slam dunk Double Bubble Mini Gumball Machine from cardboard at home. You need 2 popsicle sticks, cardboard and transparent plastic. Just follow steps in this video and you will make amazing mini basketball game. Kids will love it.

imate/text credit: The Q

Looking for a cool gumball machine DIY craft to make? Making one’s own gumball machines is really simple and a lot of fun. Even kids can help making and decorating this DIY craft. They are perfect for any birthday of holiday party, even for or wedding.

Since you can make them in any desirable size, making small ones will make cute favors or presents for any occasion. The gumball machines are great not only as candy dispensers, but for really anything, like crackers or cookies. Why not give away your homemade goodies in this sweet package?


What is a gumball without the dispenser?A gumball, but it is definitely is more fun to have your very own gumball dispenser. Dubble Bubble knows this and their Slam Dunk Gumball Dispenser not only looks good, but push down the handle and you’ll get one of their colorful, chewy, original gumball. Who can resist. These are great as favors for a basketball theme party.