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DIY/Building BMX With a Hand Truck – BMX Meets Hand Truck

Laura Kampf is a self-employed Artist/Designer/Maker and Content Creator based in Cologne who makes videos of her ideas all the way through development to finished product. Her latest video shows the development of her beer bike which combines a BMX with a hand truck.

source/image(PrtSc): Laura Kampf

I had the idea to combine a handtruck with a bike a couple weeks ago and when i found a cheap handtruck on ebay this week, i decided to give it a try.The solution to replace the front wheel of the bike with one of the handtruck wheels solved ALL the problems i had trying to figure out the stearing system.

I can tell you it rides even better than it looks.this bike will stay with me forever not only for getting beer and drinks.i think it will be perfect to transport packages to the postoffice or getting new gas bottles and stuff like that.


The coaster brake is plenty strong to stop the bike even with a case of beer on it.This is an awesome combination of a bicycle with two of Germany’s greatest productions: Laura Kampf and beer!