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DIY-Built Off-Grid Tiny Home Using Reclaimed Materials


In this weeks episode we visit an incredible DIY-built, off-grid tiny home in Wales which has almost entirely been constructed using reclaimed materials. From windows rescued from a skip to beautiful fallen timber found on country walks, each and every item in this incredible tiny home has a story to tell.

source.image: Living Big In A Tiny House

Amie and Tom made the decision to build a tiny house, craving a simpler life with a lower impact on the earth. Their off-the-grid home is designed to be light on the land, where they also grow much of their own food.

Completely off the grid, this home generates it’s own solar power, is connected to bore water and has an especially clever grey-water system, inspired by one of our previous videos.


Simple Permaculture-Based Grey-Water.This beautifully built tiny house stands as a strong testament to what amazing things can be constructed using things that other people consider to be waste. We hope you enjoy the full tour of this amazing tiny house!