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DIY Bus Home Creating a Spacious Home on Wheels


Join Josh and Emily on an exclusive tour of their meticulously converted school bus, a true embodiment of their adventurous spirit and ingenuity. This isn’t just a bus; it’s a home, a workspace, and a testament to their creative vision.

source.image: Tiny Home Tours

Discover how the kitchen serves as both a cooking area and a dining space, featuring bulk storage and a flip-up table. Explore their unique spice rack, inspiring culinary adventures, and a large sink perfect for dishwashing, complemented by an efficient dishwasher.

See how they’ve optimized space with a 12vt electric fridge, ample storage for utensils, and cleverly designed pantry areas. Learn about the unique storage solutions in the second half of the kitchen, including a three-burner propane stove and oven.


18-Inch Roof Raise: Understand why they raised the roof by 18 inches, creating a lofty interior space. Bathroom Luxuries: Be amazed by their RV-style toilet, a giant shower with a Nebia shower head, and unique waterproofing solutions. Explore the cozy bedroom with a queen-sized bed and air conditioning, and Josh’s office area, complete with a workbench and storage.