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DIY Camper Van Build Dream Home on Wheels


Welcome aboard Angie and Tommy’s custom-built van, affectionately named “The Van That Love Built.” In this video, they give a detailed tour of their self-constructed mobile home, designed to bring the comforts of their traditional house onto the open road. From a gourmet kitchen centered around their cherished coffee maker to an efficient central vacuum system and robust energy setup, every inch of this van is tailored for luxury and functionality.

source.image: Tiny Home Tours

Kitchen Tour: Dive into the heart of their van where a deep sink, standard kitchen faucet, and water purifier ensure culinary adventures are a breeze. The kitchen’s highlight is the bespoke coffee station designed specifically around their Keurig, emphasizing convenience and accessibility.

Living and Dining Area: Discover the cozy living space featuring a custom-built table by Tommy, which also converts into a single bed. Their dining setup is perfect for meals and board games, enriched by swivel chairs and ample storage underneath. Advanced Energy System: Learn about their van’s powerhouse—a 24-volt air conditioning system capable of running for 30 hours without solar input, supported by a substantial battery bank ensuring they’re always powered.


Efficient Storage Solutions: Explore their intelligent storage solutions including a hidden induction cooktop, a full-size trash can compartment under the sink, and numerous deep drawers for personal items and kitchen essentials. Comfortable Bedroom: Experience their bedroom where comfort meets luxury, featuring a custom queen-sized mattress, a state-of-the-art entertainment system, and a cedar ceiling that adds a touch of warmth and style. DIY Craftsmanship: Angie and Tommy handled everything from woodworking to electrical setup using basic tools—no CNC machinery here. They invested approximately $30,000 into transforming a $50,000 used van into their dream home.