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DIY Coin Sorting Machine From Cardboard – Fun Summer Crafts

Ever look at that big bucket of coins sitting somewhere in your house and think I wish I could fulfill my wildest dreams with the money from that. And then you think .Rolling all of those coins is going to be the death of me. Well now you don’t have to ignore those coins but embrace them with this awesome coin sorter that takes about 10 minutes to make it.

The basic structure is made of cardboard, and put together using glue. In order to create the variable rule that guides the coins, I used little sheets of plastic. I placed the sheets of plastic in a tile-like structure, so that each one overlaps with the one above it.

This design allows the height of the tiles to be adjusted conveniently. This coin sorter sorts 4 categories of coins. One way to optimize the sorter would be to separate the coins into the smallest 2 coins vs the largest 2 coins, and have each group of 2 be sorted separately.


This would allow more coins to go through, but of course the structure would be much more complex.The coin should travel down the cardboard panel and, based on its size, fall into the appropriate box. The scale tells the weight of the coin.