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DIY Converted Camper Van Serves The Nomad Community Tea


Meet James as he shows off his beautifully converted van, named Sky. After losing his father, James was inspired to live his life to the fullest, determined to not waste any time.

source/image(PrtSc): Tiny Home Tours

To honor his father, James collects rocks from the places he travels & will eventually leave them at his father’s grave to let him know that he never stopped exploring.

In addition to traveling, one of James’ favorite activities on the road is to get together with friends & share his homemade tea.


His love for hosting inspired the entire layout of this van, he even incorporated a long couch that doubles as an extra bed for company. In addition to it’s awesome pullout couch, Sky features a huge kitchen with plenty of space saving hacks that allows James to maximize his available counter space./Tiny Home Tours

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