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DIY Custom Leg Brace Floating Man Sitting On Nothing


A levitation illusion is one in which a magician appears to defy gravity by making an object or person float in the air. The subject may appear to levitate unassisted, or it may be performed with the aid of another object (such as a silver ball floating around a cloth) in which case it is termed a “suspension”.

source/image(PrtSc): The Q

To witnesses, it appears as if a man is levitating in the air sitting on an invisible chair. It’s an amazing illusion that has been fooling people for hundred’s of years.

In this video The Q” makes a custom leg brace capable of holding up his entire body’s weight hidden underneath his jeans.Watch this video to curb your curiosity, maybe you will be inspired to perform this trick to your friends.


There are two plates, one at the bottom and steel rods connecting the other sitting plate up top, all cleverly hidden underneath clothing or other objects.The base actually hides the stand in which the leg brace is attached to, and is used to to support the weight of the magician./ The Q