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DIY Desalination Kit Salt-Water Survival Bottle


In this video I show how to make a simple distillation kit from a water bottle that can be used to make fresh water from ocean water. Any steel container could work for this project.

source/image(PrtSc): NightHawkInLight

I almost used a small stainless steel food container, but decided a water bottle was a more practical object to carry.In this video, NightHawkInLight explains how to make a DIY saltwater survival bottle.

This portable desalination kit will make short work of converting saltwater to freshwater by capturing steam. The steam is concentrated through cooled, copper coils and the result is pure, distilled water.


To built this portable DIY salt-water desalination kit you need a single-walled stainless steel water bottle you don’t want it to be double-walled or “insulated” for this project some 1/4″ copper tubing, a lot of solder, a single right-angle compression fitting, and that’s about it.

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