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Self-Built Electric Powered Fat Bike With Car Tires


In this video you see me building a DIY electric powered fat bike with car tires at home in my garage.The video contains the full build start to finish.

source/image(PrtSc): HennyButabi

It is powered by 2 hoverboard motors coupled together and 2 48v lithium batteries. It drives fairly well, however it is very heavy so you have to get used to it to take turns.

Brakes are a little underpowered, better solution would be hydraulic disc brakes from a motorcycle.


Starting from a simple bike frame the cool added 225-35-20 tires mounted on big rims. The finished vehicle is surprising it’s a real eye-catcher.

Technical details:

  • Wheels: 8 x 20″ with 225-35-20 tires
  • Motor: 2x 350w 36v from hoverboard
  • Batteries: 2x 48v 72000mAh Lithium pack
  • Controller: 2x 48v 350W GT-100
  • Weight: approximately 75 kg
  • Topspeed: 40 km/h