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DIY Evap Air Cooler Simple Box Fan Conversion


This Video Shows How To Convert a Standard Household Box-Fan into an Evap Cooling Box-Fan! Very easy to do! Unit drops air temps 15 to 25 degrees below the ambient air temp. A fan speed of medium or high works the best. Unit uses 0.5 to 1 gallon of water per hour (depending on ambient air temp, humidity and fan speed).

source.image: desertsun02

Many types of containers can be used to hold the fan including: planter boxes, ice chests and plastic totes. all items (except the pump) can be found at the home stores (home depot etc). the pump can be found at harbor freight tools or amazon.

The home stores may have it too, but i didn’t see it there. total cost: about $45 (not including fan). parts list is shown at the end of the video. Tip: don’t skip the “styro-foam block” step of the project. the blocks create the needed air-space between the evap pad and the back of the fan.


You can usually get styro-foam for free just by looking in any old boxes you may have. Works great inside or outside. If using it inside place it near a door or a window and use the cross ventilation technique to keep humidity levels low.