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DIY Giant Frozen Olaf Snow Globe From a Drinks Dispenser

How to make a huge snow globe from a drinks dispenser. I use an Olaf snowman figure from Frozen inside and some snow covered trees.If the mood in your home officially switched to winter, it’s high time that we made some pretty Christmas-inspired decorations.

image/text credit: DaveHax

This snow globe is inspired by Frozen cartoon, prepare a plastic snow globe, Disney Frozen Olaf Figurine, miniature trees, buffalo snow or glitter snowflakes, white or iridescent glitter, hot glue or e6000, blue glitter tape. Use hot glue to attach Olaf and trees to the base of the snow globe.

Pour faux snow and glitter into the globe. You don’t need a lot, just enough to cover the bottom of the trees and Olaf. Once the glue has dried turn the base (holding Olaf and trees) upside down and attach to the globe. Ensure that it’s on tight and turn right side up.


This is a craft that is also perfect to do with your children, whether on a snowy day or just one when you need a craft that they will enjoy. Kids will have fun designing a snowglobe and then tipping it over, shaking it to see the snow or glitter swirl around!