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DIY Giant Lego Block Cardboard Figures


If there are 2 things you know kids love to play with, it’s LEGOs and cardboard boxes. Combine those — boom, the perfect toy.In today’s video you will learn how to build giant lego bricks from cardboard.

image/text credit: The Q

All you need is make needed quantity of blocks and after you can craft anything you want. For example we did rhino and giraffe.This lets kids play alone while inspiring the creative thought process and easily becomes contagious in groups of all sizes.

Kids can create and play with their own ideas. The possibility of making something from scratch stimulates imagination and creativity. The dimension of the blocks and the chance to create life-size buildings develops spatial awareness and social skills.


The bricks can be colored, sprayed and transformed over and over again to tell countless stories. Special pieces are available, such as eyes to create animals, but the best part is that many add-on pieces can be easily created at home with a few art supplies and a little imagination.