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DIY Hand-Made Awesome Epoxy Coffee Table


This resin table is made mostly from scrap wood. On my scrap and leftover shelf i have quite a lot pieces off all kind of wood from previous projects. I always store what can be stored. So whole base is made from walnut scraps. They are jointed under 45 bevel and reinforced with maple inserts.

source/image(PrtSc): Slovenian Woodworker

This simple technique gives usually week mitered joint a lot of strength. Epoxy resin is basic woodworking epoxy with mixed in aluminium particles. The key to get this kind of look is to be patient and have a bit of understanding what’s happening.Most all epoxy resin additives are heavier than epoxy. That means even if you mix them good they will fall to the bottom of your work and possibly ruin your work.//Slovenian Woodworker

To prevent that you have to raise them up. The more you do that the better it will look. It took me around 2-3 hrs of my 100% focus to get it as it is now. Once you feel that coffee table resin gets hot and dense than you i don’t have to worry anymore.


It can happen that there will be some bubbles or holes because of air and whole epoxy resin reaction but don’t worry. Once you pour last clear coat that imperfections won’t be that noticeable. That liquid metal look comes from additive called Aluminium dust or aluminium particles. You can find it in your epoxy resin supplier. It’s quite common.via.read more: Slovenian Woodworker