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DIY High Pressure Sandblaster Using Propane Tank

Sandblasting is a hobby with many practical uses. You can use a sandblaster to clean off coatings, sand before coatings or to add decorative elements to glass. Equipment for sandblasting can be expensive, but there are some parts you can make yourself.

image/text credit: Nikof Maker

A sandblasting pot contains the abrasive for sandblasting and mixes it with pressurized air.All that is needed for a sandblasting pot is a tough, secure container. You can make your own sandblasting pot using an empty propane tank, such as the type used for barbeques.

However, the best method of building a sandblaster requires some experience with welding.The design allows for a lot of sand in the tanks, with plans to provide a recycling system for the grit, which is a nice touch.


And it works great – they even used it to clean it up before final finishing in the trademark [Make It Extreme] green and black paint job.The sandblaster build, centered as it is around scrap propane tanks, has some lethal potential, but luckily the team displaced any remaining gas from the tanks with water before doing any cutting.