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DIY Home Made Pickle Barrel Boat


In this video I show you how I made my first pickle barrel boat. This is my first try before I start to put motors on them. The space is a bit small, but I had no problem getting in and out of it.

source/image(PrtSc): supergokue1

The parts and materials are easy to find,and if you are savvy, you can find most of these materials for free.Watch the video by supergokue1 for more info.The basic version could easily be ready for the water in an afternoon and construction can be completed using a jigsaw and a cordless drill.

This design makes good use of Archimedes principle of buoyancy, employing an empty plastic pickle barrel as the hull of this diy boat. The plastic is naturally watertight and the shape of the barrel makes it fairly aerodynamic, with little drag.


In this video I show you 2 important upgrades to my pickle barrel boat. Now the boat is very stable and is much safer. I used a small motor that my friend had and it worked great.

The rest of the boat was built of PVC pipe. Maybe not up to Navy specs, but this thing can be used as a fishing boat.This video is for entertainment purposes only.Don’t try this project at home, water can be dangerous.