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DIY Hot Wheels Powered by CO2 Cartridge

In this video I show you how to make your own extremly fast hot wheels or pinewood derby car from wood powered by CO2 cartridge!Also I show how to make your own track with real loop!This simple DIY project is not only going to save you a trip to the toy store, but also save you some money. All it takes to complete this project are a few cardboard boxes, some glue, and your children’s imagination.

This DIY Hot Wheels race track is sure to get your children excited to dabble with DIY Projects because it not only teaches them a thing or two about recycling, but it will also exercise their creativity and resourcefulness.

Add your CO2 cartridge into the hole at the back of your car. Make sure the hole is not punctured in any way, or the cartridge will explode. Lastly, add your fish hooks. These are encouraged, but necessary, for your car. If you are running a race in a track that has a string for the car to follow, these are perfect for staying on the string.


Simply put, acceleration is the rate of change in velocity. When a CO2 cartridge is punctured, the equal and opposite reaction of the gas leaving pushes the dragster away from the launch pod. This force keeps pushing the car forward until all the gas is out, so the car keeps accelerating even after the launch.