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DIY How To Make A Murphy Bed – Woodworking

This video covers some of the building process that went into me building this custom Murphy Bed. It was made for a full size, but can easily be adjusted for a queen or even a twin by adjusting the dimensions.

via/credit(PrtSc): TheArtisanWoodshop

I built this bed over about 2 months, and am pretty happy with it.If you want some actual quality you are way better off building your own vs buying a cheaply made or ridiculously expensive one. Watch the video from TheArtisanWoodshop for more info:

The Murphy bed is a cross between a cabinet and a bed. It is commonly referred to as a pull-down bed, wall bed or fold-down bed. It is usually hinged at one end of the bed, so it can be easily lifted vertically and stored away when not in use.


A DIY Murphy bed is accessible as long as you know your way around woodworking, reading plans, using the right tools, and following step-by-step instructions to achieve the best results.A Murphy Bed will add additional space to your home by freeing up a guest bedroom so it can be used as an office, exercise area, or playroom for the kids. This is useful in homes or apartments with limited space.