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DIY Making a Rust Removal Machine


This project is about removing the rust from metallic square tubes and various other metals. Several materials of metallurgy are oxidized when they are remained unused for a period of time. Therefore, they need cleaning not only for their welding but also for their painting. Their cleaning with angle grinder and using other ways can be hard and tiring so that we decided to create a machine for this purpose.

source.image: Make it Extreme

Firstly, we started our creation choosing a motor on a base that can be elevated upwards and downwards using a mechanism in order to be able to lift metallic pieces in various sizes. Below the wire brushes we made a base with a roller along the machine, on which the multiple pieces can be rolled smoothly and then proceed for cleaning.

In front of them, we placed a second motor 24v 50rpm, which is responsible to automatically pull the piece and proceed it under the wire, brushes for cleaning. In addition, on the motor that feeds the material, we made a mechanism, which can regulate the size of the material that proceeds for cleaning in order to be adjusted in various sizes.


After the first trial, we were very excited as our machine functions properly and efficiently. It is able to clean efficiently, easily and effortlessly the dust from various metal tubes. Then, we applied a piece of wood giving its surface a more embossed and impressive touch. In the end, we put a stainless steel tube to shine the surface of the brushes, which is also impressive. Therefore, applying these three functions we managed to complete the video of our creation with the number 0148.