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DIY/Making a Solenoid Boxer Engine – Make it Extreme

An electromagnetic machine is this week’s new construction by the Make it extreme team.To start with, we took the coils from a car’s old starters that are capable of attracting a metallic piece inside them as soon as they get activated by an electric source./Make it Extreme

source/image(PrtSc): Make it Extreme

Therefore, we applied two metallic pistons on a gear rack, one in each edge. In this way, when one of the coils gets activated the rack moves on the right and when the other one gets activated then the rack moves on the left. A switch helps this reciprocating movement to become constant and with a great speed./Make it Extreme

To transmit this movement to an axis with the same, constant speed we used two one-way bearings. When the rack is moved right and left the axis which transmits the movement is always moved clockwise.


This is an original way of movement transmission and that is what makes our machine so special. By adding a fly wheel on the axis of movement transmission we manage the constant and smooth rate of our machine.via: Make it Extreme