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DIY Making Modern Lamp With Inductive Charging

I wanted to make a new bedside lamp and I also wanted to charge all of my devices, so I made a modern lamp with inductive charging! Using some walnut, an LED matrix, a lamp kit, and a wireless charger I solved this common problem, check it out!I’m using some walnut for this side table lamp because it’s super pretty and I want this lamp to stand out.

source/image(PrtSc): I Like To Make Stuff

I tried to use Fusion 360 to design something, but I decided to take the wood and just start cutting. While I tried to be bold in the design, I made sure that the lamp was functional.Naturally our lamp would include more than just a simple lamp and bulb kit.The inductive charger plays a heavy role, but I want it to remain hidden away in the base topped with a simple leather patch. /I Like To Make Stuff

The downward-facing LED reading light also had to be recessed up into the walnut overhang.The charger pocket was dual-layered, one for the charger puck itself, and another offset shelf to hold the leather disc. The LED matrix had a similar pocket but I added a deeper space in the back to hold the controller wiring.


The inductive charger and dyed leather cover fit perfectly into the bottom pocket and the LED matrix and frosted acrylic sat nicely inside the reading light overhang. I ran all the wiring through the pockets and down the rear of the lamp before glueing all of the electronic elements in place.via/read more: I Like To Make Stuff