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DIY Money Operated Amazing Pinball Game Gumball Vending Machine

This is a super cool crafts activity that we are going to do today. If you love playing pinball, then you will love making this simple machine…a pinball machine. Just recycle some old stuff from around your house … such as a cardboard box, pins, paper towel roll, a marble, and you will have your own handmade game toy to play with.

image/text credit: The Q 

In this video I will show you how to make amazing gumball money operated vending machine pinball game!It’s not a regular gumball vending machine – it’s a pinball game vending machine !!! You buy bubble gum and play pinball game at the same time! It’s amazing!!!

Why would anyone want a pinball machine out of cardboard? Because you get to build it yourself, it doesn’t require any special tools, doesn’t run on batteries, you don’t have to plug it in, and it will be a one of a kind functioning pinball game.


The system is geared towards pinball nerds like myself, but even more so, targeting students and educators looking for a way to add some excitement to school projects.It’s kind of “educational.” . Anyway, this ended up being a lot of fun, and our pinball machine is FREAKING AWESOME!