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DIY Off Road Motorhome Volvo Laplander C304 6×6 Truck


An off road camper 6×6 Volvo Laplander c304 DIY truck camper based on an ambulance of the Swedish army. The truck is still in original condition. The RV stands on 6 sturdy 90 centimeters high off road tires. And it has been decided to be able to stand alone for a longer period of time. For this purpose, a petroleum-based heating system has been built into this camper truck and the stove runs on methylated spirits.

source/image(PrtSc): Old RV World

In order to be able to empty the toilet easily anywhere, a dry toilet has been chosen. A solar panel is mounted on the motorhome and the entire electrical system in the motorhome runs over 12 volts, which charges a lithium battery. At the back of the camper, the bed also serves as a bed, and a tent has been mounted on top of the camper for extra sleeping space. With this camper you will experience very special family holidays. Showering is also no problem.Watch the video from Old RV World:

There is a flexible shower built into the motorhome. And the water is heated via the stove. It is a separate motorhome that you do not encounter every day on a motorhome pitch. But a camper suitable for Scandinavian countries or just as a touring camper.


LED lighting has been built into the motorhome to save energy. The waste water tank and clean water tank are both 26 liters in size and are manually removed from the camper for emptying and filling. So you see again that without modern camper installations such as viktron for electricity and dometic for kitchen and toilet a lot is possible./Old RV World