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DIY Scrap Copper Metal To Beautiful COB Chip Cooler


I Designed, Cast, and Machine a huge water block from scrap Copper to cool a very large and intense surface mount COB chip for an insanely bright LED light engine I’m building.

source/image(PrtSc): Warped Perception

First I get the scrap copper, Design my part in CAD, then I melt and cast the metal into a mould, Machine it and finish it in the CNC mill and finally cut out a see-through back cover with the waterjet to see inside of the water block as its working.

Originally I was going to buy solid pieces of metal and machine my parts, but unfortunately all of the material that I need, the size I need it is not available for probably at least a few months.


That’s why I decided to take scrap copper, melt it down in a furnace and shape it into what I need to make my parts and I now have my light engine fully operational at full power…Don’t Try this at home, this is done by a professional in controlled environments../Warped Perception

VIAWarped Perception
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