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DIY Screen Printing Press On A Budget

Make a screen printing press to print t shirts for almost nothing. I built this one out of scrap wood and a few things from the hardware store. I do screen printing as a hobby, but you could easily start a small business printing custom t shirts for bands or teams or whatever.

image credit: Woodbrew

Or come up with fun designs and sell the t shirts online or at swap meets or whatever.This homemade design can be easily modified. Change the size and shape of the shirt board to print long sleeves or sweatpants legs. You can probably even make something to print hats. This is a pretty easy DIY project.

There are other cheap methods you can use for screen-printing, however I really like this method because it allows you to create more detailed designs than you would using Mod Podge to paint on a screen and it’s much easier than using an exacto knife to cut out fine details from contact paper.


Also, you’ll need a CraftROBO precision cutter. Soon, you’ll have your very own screen-printed tee shirt, thanks to your very own DIY screen printing press.That’s pretty much all there is to it! You can also duplicate these plans if you want to make a more elaborate four-color print press system.