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DIY Self-Watering Container Garden

The benefits of container gardens is that they are very water-efficient. Plants receive their water from the water reservoir below the soil so they can get as much water as they need and no water is wasted through evaporation.

Since plants are free to take as much water as the want, they are never stressed for water which results in better tasting fruits and vegetables. In addition, with the water reservoir there is no need to constantly water your plants and it’s easy to leave your plants when on vacation, particularly if you set your hose on a timer.

There are many different designs on how to make container gardens.We found a better solution using corrugated drain pipe and he was really excited as it was very easy to build compared to his previous container gardens.


The total price of the materials will be over $50, but you’ll have plenty of extra flex pipe and corrugated drain pipe for additional container gardens.