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DIY Semi-Automatic Paper Plane Launcher from Cardboard at Home


This homemade paper airplane launcher really fits the bill! It’s easy to build and will take ordinary paper airplanes to a whole new level. Very fun for a stuck-indoors sort of day, and building and testing the planes involves all kinds of science, so it would make a great scouting or school activity as well.

A battery powered paper airplane launcher, easy to build by children from about 6 years on, with a little preparation beforehand (some soldering and hot melt gluing). It will give ordinary folded paper planes some serious battery powered speed.

In this video I show you how to make semi-automatic paper plane launcher with holder for 30 planes! All you need is few batteries, 2 electric motors, 2 old cd or dvd discs and cardboard.


Certain types of paper plane will work better than others. There are instructions for a plane that works well and some general guidelines for making planes at the end — you’ll have to experiment a little with plane designs to get the best results, but when it does work, it really works!