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DIY Solar Powered Ceramic Space Heater 20+Lbs Thermal Storage


Simple Homemade Space Heater using 4 bricks (20.8lbs mass) and 6 ceramic/aluminum heating elements. to make it, just embed the elements between the bricks (as shown in the video) and hook up the power. Temps go well over 200F and unit heats surrounding area nicely.

source/image(PrtSc): desertsun02

it’s a 12v dc unit so you can run it at least 3 ways… 1.) use a 12v battery. 2.) use a 12v solar panel. or 3.) use ‘wall current’ with an AC to DC 12v transformer. it’s just that easy. note that this is a double sized unit (of the one i made last year).

My original video of the standard sized unit is worth a watch too. it has lots of extra info and stats about this air heating method including air temps and related distance info at various time intervals.


The PTC ceramic heating elements can be found on amazon. they sell ones with various power and temp ratings, i go with the hottest 12v ones (428F/220c =/-10 degrees Celsius). remember, they heat up in just a few seconds after applying the power so always take care.//desertsun02

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