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DIY Spiral Staircase Made Out Of Plywood

In this video, Ben Uyeda of HomeMade Modern demonstrates how to build a sleek, contemporary spiral staircase using just a standard schedule steel post, plywood and a CNC router along with a healthy amount of wood and construction glue.


source/image(PrtSc): HomeMadeModern 

To build the staircase, Uyeda uses the CNC to cut out 12 shapes of incremental size from a plywood sheet, which he then stacks and fits around the post to secure into place./HomeMadeModern 

The HomeMade Modern blog, which was founded by the architect, will soon make available free CAD files for the 12 shapes that were CNC-cut into ¾-inch plywood sheets along with the full photo-and-text tutorial and list of tools and supplies.


Though time-and-labor intensive, the project was significantly cheaper than most prefabricated metal spiral staircases, he estimates./HomeMadeModern