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DIY Stunning Wood And Resin Bowl

Here is the Secret Wood Bowl, a DIY tutorial by Peter Brown that will teach you how to create a beautiful wooden bowl with translucent resin. A project that requires quite a lot of tools and skills, but the result is truly amazing.

This bowl is made from splintered walnut and polyester resin. I ended up making a very large blank and turning most of it away! While I’m more than pleased by the end result, I think I could have minimized the resin usage with a bit of planning.

The end result of Brown’s Diy is stunning—and he would make it seem so simple. In a YouTube video clip, he commences by cutting walnut wood into one-inch extensive and one inch-thick strips.


Following waiting several days for the wood and resin to be wholly dry, he will get again to operate. It is now time to cut and form the bowl. Simply because of the resin, Brown’s process is substantially much more complicated.