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DIY Turn Dualshock Into Dual Stick Joystick HOTAS


How to Play Star Wars: Squadrons Like a Pro.In today’s video I show how to turn dualshock into dual stick joystick HOTAS. It works almost with any flight simulator!

source/image(PrtSc): The Q

This time credit goes to The Q the guy who designed both the DualShock Joystick HOTAS version.The sticks can be built from wood or 3D printed. Both sticks allow for full control of the analog sticks. Watch the video for more info:

The ones in the video from The Q are made from wood and come with two triggers each that connect to the DualShock 4 and can be used to pull the triggers and bumpers down.


Snap the pieces together, then insert your controller. You can use a drop of glue with the baseplate pieces.Allowing you to get full control of your zoomy spaceship and weapons as you fly through the stars.The added triggers are great for playing flight combat games like the recently released Star Wars Squadrons.

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