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DIY Van Conversion Couples Self Built Dream Home In a Ford Transit


Join Shay, Luis, and their beloved African grey parrot, Lucas, as they give a full tour of their tiny home on wheels, named Scarlet! After transitioning from a house and a food truck to full-time van life, they are excited to share how they have created a space that combines functionality, comfort, and style in a Ford Transit 250 with a 148″ wheelbase.

source.image: Tiny Home Tours

Kitchen Setup: Explore their well-equipped kitchen with an extendable table for extra prep space, a deep sink with a 360 faucet for indoor/outdoor use, and a sophisticated water filtration system. They also have a compact, energy-efficient fridge and a two-burner stove that makes cooking on the road a breeze.

Living Area: Discover how they manage work and relaxation in their compact space, featuring an area for computers, a custom-made 6-inch mattress for a perfect night’s sleep, and their multi-use cabinets for toiletries and kitchen essentials.


Utilities: Check out their ingenious bathroom setup with a composting toilet that doubles as a shower space, their on-board laundry solutions, and how they stay powered up with a robust 540 amp-hour lithium battery system from Battle Born Batteries. Learn about their water conservation methods and how they utilize space-saving tricks to live sustainably on the road.