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DIY Wooden Shoulder Rig For Your Camera

I love using shoulder rigs while filming – they’re ergonomic, practical, and can provide ample space for mounting additional gear. One of the biggest benefits to using smaller DSLR or mirrorless cameras is their compact size and form factor, but these things can also be a hinderance from time-to-time.

image/text credit: DroiMedia

I wanted to make something that not only looked good, but also provided the same level of functionality and comfort that a traditional shoulder rig does, and had some sort of power option as well.Total cost when I purchased everything was actually less than $150, but current prices put the total just under $175.

Note that you’ll need TWO ratchet wing nuts and TWO unthreaded rosette adapters if you’re making multiple handgrips. Additionally you’ll want to get a dummy battery for your specific camera. You can save some money by buying cheaper brand 15mm rail blocks and such, but I can’t recommend the SmallRig products enough.


This concept is not just something I created out of thin air though – like most DIY projects it’s a combination of things I’ve seen, I’ve wanted or needed while shooting, and there are some of my own original ideas incorporated.