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DIY World’s Smallest Fully Functional Bicycle


Have you ever seen anything like this? And yes, it’s fully working bicycle you can ride every day.With a custom-made metal frame and roller wheels, it is durable and compatible with a cyclist up to 100kg.

source/image: The Q

The ride is a little uncomfortable, but a lot of attention is guaranteed.Youtube engineer starts by customizing a rollerblade wheel to act as the driven rear wheel of the bike, the wheel it’s fitted with a tiny sprocket allowing it to be chain driven.

The Q constructed the entire bike from the ground up bywelding some steel tubes then nets a small bike frame. It’s fitted with pedals, and steering assembly just like a full-sized bike, just in absolute miniature.


Small handlebars, roller chains and the pedals were added to ensure that you could actually ride the bike. The final product is fully-functional./The Q