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Does Drinking Gasoline Cause You to Go Blind!

Probably not, although anecdotal evidence shows it has a strong correlation with stupidity. What it may do is cause vomiting, vertigo, confusion, drowsiness, breathing difficulties, burning in the esophagus, sore throat, weakness, and diarrhea, even when ingested in small amounts; in larger portions, it can cause loss of consciousness, internal hemorrhaging, convulsions and death from circulatory failure and/or damage to vital organs.(text via: todayifoundout)

image credit:  todayifoundout

To address the question at hand a little more specifically, although vision loss is a potential symptom of gasoline poisoning, complete vision loss doesn’t appear to be a common consequence for those who ingest it, unlike many of the aforementioned symptoms. Although, you will experience complete vision loss when you die. So, in that sense- yes, drinking gasoline can cause you to go permanently blind.

And just for reference, it doesn’t take much swallowed gasoline to kill you- just half an ounce can cause severe intoxication for adults and even death for small children. A 12 ounce drink of gasoline will often be fatal to most humans.


Despite these dangers, however, a brave few have overcome their (rational) fear of gasoline’s toxicity and, instead, developed a powerful addiction to petrol.Of course, not everyone who drinks gasoline does it on purpose, although that doesn’t mean they don’t pay a heavy price