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DolaGon Self-Driving Ski Lift UTV Vehicle


dolaGon is the world’s first self-driving ski lift vehicle that takes skiers and boarders to the top of any powder snow skiable terrain. dolaGon then drives itself autonomously down to meet skiers at the bottom. No more lift lines, chair lift, snowcat, heli-ski or ski Gondola to enjoy powder snow. With dolaGon any snow covered mountain becomes a SKI RESORT.

source/image(PrtSc): dolaGon

dolaGon ski lift is your personal ski lift. When you free the lift, you FREE THE SOUL!The dolagon self-driving vehicle makes any snow-covered terrain skiable.With dolaGon, skiers and boarders are no longer dependent on the archaic ski-lift infrastructure offered by traditional ski resorts.

Using proprietary advanced route tracking and collision avoidance sensors, dolaGon reliably navigates any off-road trail.Skiers are safely brought to elevations with access to powder and then the dolaGon drives itself down to any predetermined location.


This autonomous ski lift vehicle, based on the Polaris Ranger UTV. It doesn’t require a human driver, as the vehicle relies on GPS and LiDAR for autonomous operation.///dolaGon

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