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“Dominoes and Fire” Brilliant Domino Course Powered By Matches

The main idea of the video was to create a project with fire because it’s impressive and rare to see it in a Chain Reaction (as an example, there are much more tricks with air). And when there is fire it’s generally just a moving candle that burns a rope. But there is a problem with candles, you have to light it just before starting the reaction.​YouTuber Kaplamino is a genius when it comes to dominos and marble runs. His latest effort uses fire matches, candles, sparklers.

image/text credit: Kaplamino

To make this video more impressive I decided to create a big chain reaction in one shot with all the tricks that I found at the end (and also to prove that I can do it to all the people that say that I cheat because it doesn’t count when you build and film all the parts separately, even if it’s the definition of a screenlink )

It was a great challenge because I didn’t build a lot of large projects like that (before this one, my biggest project in one try was in the middle of my random screen link video) and now I can understand the frustration of all machines builders because it failed about 20 times. It took me a full week to build it and make it work.


The ideas you can see in this video are more reliable than you think and work almost everytime if you build it correctly (the hardest part was to find how to build it correctly, in the screenlink you have the first version of the trick and in the final machine the 100% working version). And when there was a fail it was never caused by the part with the rubber band ( the match always lights up). Feel free to use it in your videos ! I’m sure there is so many tricks to invent with this concept.