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Don’t Throw Your Broken CFL Convert It Into Bright Fluorescent Tube Light

Compact Fluorescent Lamp(CFL) is becoming popular day by day because of its ease of instillation and low power requirements.They have a fairly good life of about 2 to 2.5 years depending on use. I have couple of dead CFLs and was wondering how I can recycle them. I got an idea to make Compact bright fluorescent tube light from them.

For some CFLs these two may be sealed with adhesive. Be careful while using hacksaw, cut it in circular fashion not from top to down. Try to open the upper portion of the plastic assembly that holds the glass tube. It is anchored in the base plastic assembly that holds the ballast circuit.When you complete separate 3 parts of CFL, cut down wires connected to glass tube and remove ballast(choke) circuit from the middle part.

Now the part comes to arrange the fluorescent tube light . Connect your soldering gun to AC supply and get ready. You can choose any no of fluorescent tube light depending on the length of dead CFL you are using and your light requirements.Finally, connect the glass assembly to output of power supply.


Extend wires of end cap if needed and connect them to power supply. Connect the end cap. Use adhesive and tape to join the plastic assembly. Its DONE ! Get ready for testing.I suggest you to use small car inverter or a UPS or a home inverter for testing. Do not use AC mains directly for testing. If everything goes fine, its okay to use with AC mains.