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DONZI 43 ZR Power Boat – Ferrari Performance Meets James Bond Style


DONZI 43 ZR Power Boat – Ferrari Performance meets James Bond Style. Water testing of the Donzi 43 ZR “Black Widow” edition powerboat off the coast of Sarasota, Florida.The 43 ZR utilizes the same running surface properties as Donzi’s proven 38 ZR Competition race boats./Beyond Performance Powerboats

source/image(PrtSc): Beyond Performance Powerboats

Expect the same balance, handling, and all-out speed as Donzi’s world champions.The Donzi 43 ZR’s exterior styling has been designed to belie its substantial stature. A dynamic feature line begins at the bow and flows aft in a lithe, sweeping stroke.

A low profile windscreen is nestled in a subtle fairing to provide function without detracting from the 43 ZR’s fluid profile. The ZR’s curvaceous stern swells almost imperceptibly to conceal power. Whether rigged with staggered twins or triples, the athletic 43 ZR was born to run – and looks the part.


The 43 ZR is constructed with lightweight hybrid laminate with vacuum-infused coring for extra strength and the ideal resin-to-glass ratio. Glassed and chemically bonded hull-to-deck joint assures that there will be no flexing while underway. From stem to stern and everywhere in between, great pains were taken to assure that the 43 ZR will retain its offshore superiority for years to come.via: Beyond Performance Powerboats

VIA Beyond Performance Powerboats
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