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Doxel Uses Artificial Intelligence-Robot To Track Construction Projects

To help people focus on other, more important tasks, the startup Doxel developed a robot with a lidar that is able to independently examine buildings with the interval set by the operator. In case of detection of inconsistencies with drawings, the robot will immediately report the finding to the foreman.

source: bbf / image: doxel

The creators of the robot already managed to collect 4.5 million dollars of investments, because the brainchild of the startup really works. In recent tests, it turned out that such foremen-builders speed up construction work by almost 40 percent, in time informing people on the site of the shortcomings.

In addition to correcting mistakes made by masons, the robot can help not disrupt the completion of construction. AI, developed by the startup, is able to compare the work performed, the budget and the deadlines, after which it helps to set the optimal pace of work.


The robot Doxel is able to ride along a previously laid route, scrambles up stairs and beams, so during a lunch or at night a pair of these kids will independently climb the building site and compile a full report based on the data.