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“Dream Big” The Tallest Driveable Motorcycle On The World

Greg Dunham has a dream to build the world’s largest motorbike that could be ridden and after 3 years and nearly 300,000 dollars later he achieved it with the15 foot high, monster bike ‘Dream Big’. We put down our Vespa and travelled to northern California and took the 8.2 litre engine behemoth for a spin.

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Alone in his workshop at home, Greg Dunham crafted the world’s largest motorcycle.Not only does the giant machine look amazing, it actually drives!

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Gregory Dunham (USA) has constructed a ride-able motorcycle that is 3.429 m (11 ft 3 in) tall to the top of handlebars is the world’s tallest rideable motorcycleAnd, a $300,000 pricetag. No one believed he could pull it off, but he built it anyway.

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It is powered by a 502 cu in (8.2 litre) V8 engine and has tires that are 74 in (1.88 m) tall. This monster needs all 500Hp engine power yoked to 2-speed transmission to make it move.


And move it does – Dunham claims the big boy will rumble to a terminal velocity of 65 mph (with an economy of 6 miles per gallon), which must be make for one hell of an interesting sensation.

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Dunham steers it from a cage below the handlebars as it would be impossible to straddle the bike in a normal riding position. Technically he drives the bike rather than rides the bike.

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A separate electric powered hydraulic system powers the rear wheelie bar/ kickstand for its raising and lowering capabilities.

The bar is also equipped with solid rubber wheels and hydraulic rams that will push or pull over 10,000 pounds each. The wheelie bar is used in place of the leg support you would ordinarily use on a normal motorcycle and can be raised after the giant bike is moving forward about 20 mph.