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Driving The First Crappy Car Ford Ever Built 1896

Henry Ford built this car when he was still working for Thomas Edison and got the design from reading a magazine. It’s terrible, but it’s this terrible car that eventually led to the Ford GT. And the Pinto. Jason is wearing a lot of special equipment in order to drive it.The Quadricycle was Henry Ford’s first attempt to build a gasoline-powered automobile.

image/text credit: Jalopnik 

It utilized commonly available materials: angle iron for the frame, a leather belt and chain drive for the transmission, and a buggy seat.Ford’s first car was a simple frame with an ethanol-powered engine and four bicycle wheels mounted on it.

Ford had to devise his own ignition system. He sold his Quadricycle for $200, then used the money to build his second car.This car is a twin-cylinder four-stroke engine with all its moving parts before it can be seen in great detail.


All its spectacular mechanical operation (flywheel, rods, crankshaft, rocker arms, valves, etc.) and the transmission, pulley, tensioner, belts, differential, etc.. The whole of the various components and mechanisms makes it a sight to see it work.