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DSB-LK Dark Star Strategic Bomber Concept


As the world emerged from the brutal onslaught of World War 2, it began its steep descent into the dreadful pits of the Cold War. Across each side of the Iron curtain, military factions raced to produce the ultimate strategic bomber, a massive long-range aircraft capable of piercing all enemy defenses to deliver immense amounts of unspeakable nuclear devastation right into the hearts of their opponent’s largest cities and population centers.

source/image: Dark Skies

With the Convair B-58 Hustler becoming the first operational Mach 2 capable strategic bomber, the US appeared to have won the upper hand. Nevertheless, the Soviets were devising their unique response, an aircraft so massive and fast that it could eradicate New York City before being detected.

With a ghastly flying-wing configuration and powered by six turbojet VK-15М engines, the DSB-LK Dark Star strategic bomber was designed to pierce into the United States at speeds above Mach 2.8, outclassing every American interceptor in active service.


The Dark Star’s ominous design seemed to come straight out of a sci-fi movie. It also presented the United States and its allies with a very real threat, that of nuclear annihilation.