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Dying Aunt Tells Her Nephew About a $30 Million Secret Located Under “The Sewing Machine”

One man’s aunt told him on her death bed that she housed a hidden treasure – a Picasso painting. In World War I his uncle bought the piece for and astonishing $30 in London. The actual name of the work of art is “Woman with a Cape.” Before she pas.

image credit: Inside Edition 

He realized the real fact when his aunt passed away passing on that painting to him as her last gift. In her last days, she hinted at the value of painting and asking Carl to not forget to look under the sewing machine.

image credit: Inside Edition 

Carl had no idea till then that his aunt’s gift would be worth $30 million.Carl finally found an old painting kept safely under the sewing machine as his aunt mentioned. It was nicely wrapped in a newspaper which was dated back to 1950.

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It surprised him that she would keep it with her until he noticed something that caught his attention. That piece of work had some signature in the upper left corner with the name “Picasso”.


The painting was purchased by Verastro’s husband from a street market in London during the time of World War II. He brought it at a nominal price of $30 only.

Carl went on to further discover something about Picasso and the work he carried out. He was able to find out, that the piece which his aunt had was an improvement carried out by Pablo in 1936 using a particular printing technique.