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Earthship Home – Young Man’s Inspiring Building & Living Experience

Jordan shares great tips and advice on how to build a stunning earthship-style home using recycled tires, and earthen cob made from clay, sand and straw. He built his with a ton of help from his girlfriend and friends.

image credit: Exploring Alternatives

The green home measures between 800-900 square feet, collects rainwater, treats it’s own waste water, heats and cools itself (although there is a wood stove for extra cold nights in the winter), and will soon have solar panels.

image credit: Exploring Alternatives

The interior design was decorated with local and reclaimed materials like recycled granite for the countertops, a CD mosaic backsplash, PEI sandstone floor, recycled bottles in the walls, and more.


An Earthship is the ultimate green building because it heats and cools itself with a passive solar design and strategic thermal mass to store heat like a battery, it has space to grow food indoors, collects and treats rain water, and more.

The typical earthship is heavily bermed on three sides to protect the house from the weather, with only the south-facing side exposed and encased in glass.An Earthship is the name we have given a building or vessel that we use to live on this planet that is absolutely independent of all public and municipal utilities.