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Elderly Military Man Brings His 1960 Rolex To An Appraiser, Watch His Reaction When He Learns It’s Worth This Much…

More than 55 years ago this man was serving in an Army and was stationed in Germany and when he was about to return to the States his Sergeant suggested he brought home a souvenir, a watch made by a manufacturer he had never heard of before. It was called Rolex.

image/text credit: Antiques Roadshow PBS

He spent more than a month worth of salary for the time piece and for almost 6 decades he treasured it, kept it safe, clean and working. He purchased the watch for only $120.35 ,roughly the equivalent of $984 in today’s money, and the watch was manufactured in the first quarter for 1960.

For reasons unbeknownst to the owner of this rare 1960 GMT Master Model Rolex, he saved all of the original paperwork. He saved the box. He saved the original watch band. He saved his receipt of purchase.


Recently, when PBS Antiques Roadshow came to town, he decided to get it appraised. He knew it was valuable, but judging by his reaction he was SHOCKED when he was told the actual number.In Tucson, we learned it’s important to keep the box…and your receipt! Peter Planes appraises a rare GMT Master Model Rolex from 1960, one of the highlights from Tucson Hr 2.