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ELECTRA 100% Electric Ferry Concept


The team at Boundary Layer Technologies are super excited to unveil our ELECTRA ferry concept design – 100% electric, and twice the speed and range of any existing electric ferry – clocking 40 knots and up to 100 nautical miles – all thanks to our proprietary hydrofoil and propulsion system technology. We plan to have the first ELECTRA’s out the door in 2024.

source/image(PrtSc): Boundary Layer Technologies

ELECTRA – twice the speed and range of existing electric ferries – has a range of up to 100 nautical miles and cruise speed of 40 knots due to Boundary Layer Technology’s proprietary hydrofoil technology and podded propulsion system.

Compared to fossil fuel alternatives, ELECTRA’s battery electric propulsion significantly reduces cabin noise by up to 20dB compared to conventional ferries.


It’s foiling system also offers excellent seakeeping and ride comfort.The ELECTRA ferry offers OPEX reductions of up to 35% compared to fossil fuel burning fast ferry alternatives, as well as helps operators de-risk the future cost uncertainties of carbon taxes and emissions trading schemes being implemented globally./boundarylayer

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