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Electromagnetic Brake Model


In this video I compare magnetic and mechanical gears in terms of efficiency to see which one performs best. Some time ago I built a concentric magnetic gearbox with radial flux. Although it has an extremely low torque limit, I am very interested in it thanks to its advantages such as quiet operation, no friction and no lubrication.

source.image: Retsetman

In order to reduce some of the question marks about whether they can replace mechanical gears in the future, I designed an electromagnetic brake with which I can compare the efficiency of mechanical and magnetic gears.

For efficiency, it is essential to put a load on the output shaft and compare how much reaction is generated on the input shaft in the gearbox in response to this load.


And the basic principle of the electromagnetic brake is based on the friction between an electromagnet and a brake disc connected to the output shaft and with this electro magnetic brake, the efficiency of almost any gearbox or motor can now be calculated.