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Elephants Learn To Work Together To Solve A Complex Task!

These amazing elephants are put through their paces to challenge their cognitive ability when dealing with a complex level of cooperation, more often associated with human beings.Elephants work together as a team and understand when they need help from a partner. This is the finding of a jumbo-sized experiment.

In the test, two animals had to work together – each pulling on a rope in order to tug a platform towards them. Scientists claim that elephants’ understanding of the need to co-operate shows that they belong in an “elite group” of intelligent, socially complex animals. Here’s footage of the elephants in action.

The Asian elephants (Elephas maximus) had already been taught that pulling on a rope brought a food reward on a platform within reach.However, the research changed the apparatus so that one rope was threaded all the way around a platform.


Like a belt through belt loops – so if one end was tugged, the rope simply slipped out and the platform did not budge, however, if two elephants each took an end of the rope and pulled, the platform moved towards them and they could could claim their treats.